21 – Oxblood + burgundy oxford shoe, 10.5E last 200

Started as a prototype made of tan nubuck + brown wax-tan (because I like paradoxes, apparently), but there was an … incident with the dog right as I was finishing the uppers. So I adjusted the pattern and restarted the pair in oxblood butterball and burgundy bison leather. I also wanted to try using black edge kote on the exposed edges, and used a masking tape technique that…didn’t work. I’m glad these weren’t for anyone specific!

The final result came out much better than I expected, given all the mistakes I made. The soles are beautiful.

img_20160917_191252 img_20160917_002812 img_20160915_233931

IMG_20160829_220018 IMG_20160901_225055 IMG_20160903_004607 IMG_20160903_004710 IMG_20160903_144913 IMG_20160903_144930 IMG_20160903_154548