20 – Tan balmoral oxford shoe w/stripe stitching, 9.5E last 200

Same pattern as Elliott’s shoes, but with a plain toe and a parallel stitch design. Really pleased with the overall result, especially the stitching. This leather didn’t have much stretch so it was relatively easy to last everything but the toes. Had a bit of a debate about soles, but ultimately did a veg tan + crepe rubber heel. This roper last is very picky about heel height: I think these heels are about 1/8″ too short and the whole shoe deforms when I stand in it, so I have more work to do on this pattern.

img_20160914_222855 img_20160911_175032 img_20160914_213704 img_20160914_213717 img_20160914_213733 img_20160914_222711 img_20160914_222829