3 – Maroon + tan balmoral boot, 9.5EE last 5662

First pair I made for myself on my own. For these I tried modifying my lasts for the first time. The difference in fit was obvious. I learned some hard lessons about lasting–namely, you have to lace the quarters together tightly and be wary of how you pull, especially with soft or stretchy leathers. I still want to remake these. Tobacco red bison + tan nubuck upper, brown deer lining, white vibram + stacked leather combo sole.

IMG_20160430_193435 IMG_20160417_214642 IMG_20160418_150446 IMG_20160418_150457 IMG_20160418_202015  IMG_20160418_221326 IMG_20160418_221342 IMG_20160423_151043 IMG_20160423_154226 IMG_20160430_125822 IMG_20160430_125905